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In the Cabinet Distributed I/O System

BL20 is a new state of the art system for remotely collecting I/O signals. Historically, I/O signals were brought back to a single large cabinet. This approach is time consuming, costly and inflexible. The Modern distributed I/O approach is to use multiple small cabinets placed near the I/O that they control. This allows the machines to be designed in a flexible modular way. It also saves time and money. The BL20 distributed I/O system is specifically designed to address the subtle differences required for this approach. The BL20 consists of three parts: The Gateway, the Base and the Electronic Module. The Gateway is the connection to the I/O network and it is available in DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS®-DP, CANopen and Ethernet. The Electronic Modules are available in a wide variety of I/O signal types and counts. The Bases provide a complete set of connections for your field devices. In addition to providing I/O connection points, they also distribute, fuse and monitor local power distribution. This saves space, time and money compared to traditional PLC I/O. They are available in screw terminal or cage clamps.

Gateways to Open Networks
details Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet
details EtherNet/IP Gateway
details Ethernet/IP Programmable Gateway
details DeviceNet Economy Gateway
details DeviceNet Gateway
details Profibus DP Economy Gateway
details Profibus DP Gateway
details Modbus TCP/IP Gateway
details Modbus TCP/IP Programmable Gateway
details CANopen Economy Gateway
details CANopen Gateway
details EtherCAT

Electronic Modules
next Digital Input
next Digital Output
next Analog I/O
next Technology Modules
next Power Feed

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ZippedI/O Assistant SoftwareI/O Assistant Software

ZippedBL20 IO Modules Hardware and Engineering Guide

ZippedBL20 DeviceNet Hardware and Engineering Guide

ZippedBL20 PROFIBUS-DP Hardware and Engineering Guide

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