Product Documentation Search Help

Using this search tool you will be able to access catalog pages, CAD files, data sheets, pictures, etc.  You may email selected files or request for quote (RFQ).

Search Examples:
Bi 5
Finds all products beginning with ‘Bi 5’.  A wildcard (*) is assumed at the end of the search string.
Finds all products with ‘Q08’ in the number, regardless of its location.
Finds all products that end in ‘S100’.
BI 5-Q08-AN6X2-V1131
Finds the exact part number.
Finds all products with both 'G18' and '7M' in the part number.  This example uses multiple wildcard characters to narrow the search.
[rw]k 4.4t-*-[rw]s 4.4t
Finds all 'RK' (and/or) 'WK' and 'RS' (and/or) 'WS' versions of the 4.4 Eurofast extension cordset.  Bracketed [ ] characters represent an ‘or’ search.

Search Results:

  1. Click this icon to add files to 'My Folder'. You may select up to 20 files.
    (or) right-click to save document.
  2. Click 'Submit Request' when you are done selecting files.
  3. Click folder tabs 'E-mail Files' or 'RFQ' to process selected files.

Click either of these icons to download file(s) instantly.
  (or) right-click to save document.

Click this icon to view the file instantly.
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Q: I downloaded a pdf from TURCK that contains text or lines of varying thickness or shades of gray; why is this?
A: Some of TURCK's pdfs (especially data sheets) contain very fine lines (which may include text as line art).  When "Smooth line art" is enable in Adobe Reader or Acrobat...the fine lines of text and other artwork are smoothed and may appear at different thickness and/or appear gray. SOLUTION: turn off "Smooth line art" in Preferences.  This however does not affect the print quality of the pdf...this is only a display issue.